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Today's businesses must assure that corporate IT systems and relevant current business data are available to make daily business decisions. Business interruptions due to data loss resulting from system failures or catastrophic events can threaten the ability of the business to continue operations. In addition, litigation and various regulatory requirements such as Sorbannes-Oxley and HIPPA demand that older data be accessible long after its current value to the business has passed.

How prepared are you to survive a crisis with your IT systems?  Many businesses have discontinued operations due to the disasterous impact of losing critical data.  In fact, WWPI reports that "40% of businesses never reopen following a disaster.  Of the ones that do, an estimated 25% of them close their doors within two years time.  Statistics also show that 50% of businesses are affected by server failure at some point and nearly all businesses experience loss of utilities from time to time.

The Cost of Downtime:

  • $ 42,000 per hour of network oputage. (Gartner Group) 
  • 56% of data loss is due to hardware of system error.  (Kroll Ontrack)
  •  80% of all data is held on PCs.(IDC)
  • 32% of data loos is due to human error. (Gartner Group)
  • 32% of laptops are lstolen or suffer hardware failure annually. (Gartner Group)

While SAN and NAS technology have centralized key data storage for the enterprise and offer periodic Snapshots of stored data for quick retrieval, they also require anenterprise ready backup solution for both short-term storage and restoration as well as long-term archival storage. Automated tape and disk libraries provide the media to handle your data backup and retrieval needs. Integrated Platforms Inc. has partnered with Overland Storage and Quantum to provide library solutions designed for the SMB as well as highly scalable libraries to meet the needs of larger enterprises. IPI can work with your team to select and implement the platform that meets you archival data requirements

Overland Storage -Overland’s NEO® Series Tape Libraries and Autoloaders are designed to effortlessly and affordably backup and archive your company’s critical data. Whether you are a small business or branch office looking for simple, cost-effective data protection or a complex enterprise environment with stringent performance and data availability requirements, you can count on NEO Series tape solutions to provide the backup, recovery, and long-term storage capabilities that are right for you. Or, if you prefer a disk-based backup and recovery solution that provides uncompromising support for growth, can be deployed as VTL or disk volumes, and doesn’t break your IT budget, the REO 4600 is your choice. With the ability to scale from 12TB to 240TB, the REO 4600 is ideal for businesses of any size. For more information, contact IPI at 713-927-7161 or visit


What about Cloud –Managed Business Continuance?

Today’s business systems are expected to be always on and always available, which is why antiquated data backup and disaster recovery solutions no longer meet the needs of the SMB community.

IPI offers cloud platform backup options which are built from the ground-up specifically to eliminate costly downtime, data loss and reputation damage in the SMB market. We allow businesses to store, protect and access all of their critical business data and applications, even in the event of a server failure, flood, hurricane or any other emergency. With this peace of mind, SMBs are free to focus on business opportunities, not risks.

To learn more about our Cloud-based backup and Recovery solutions, please visit our Cloud Managed Services webpage.


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<New> TrendMicro - Integrated Platforms has been selected to represent TrendMicro's family of Endpoint Protection  and Endpoint Detect and Respond family of products.  TrendMicro's EDR products automate the detection and remediation of cyber threats to accelerate your enterprise's cyber health. They also offer 24x7 remote monitoring of your enterprise to help your SOC team respond quickly to complex threats.



<New> Thycotic - Integrated Platforms has been selected to sell Thycotic's Secret Server for Privileged Account Management, Endpoint Least Privileged Manager for end-point protection and Password Reset Server for self-service password management. Thycotic's products protect you from malware at the end-point and secures critical business sytems and data from unauthorized access by cyber threats if they get past your firewall and other perimeter security defenses.   


<New> PC Matic - Integrated Platforms has been selected as a partner for PC Matic, maker of PC Matic Pro end-point protection. PC Matic's whitelisting technology has enabled it endpoint products to win the highest protecton rating in indepedent, competitive testing two years in a row.  PC Matic Pro's Endpoint Suite delivers the highest rated protection, automated patch management, automated driver management, optimized performance and centralized mangement for an attractive price.  


FatPipe - Integrated Platforms has been selected to be a FatPipe Networks partner. IPI is licensed to sell its unique cluster routing technology to assure that connectivity to mission critical assets - web servers, email, e-commerce, Citrix servers - by customers and emloyees will not be interrupted by failed ISP services, components or traffic congestions at peak hours.  


Stay in Business - Integrated Platforms, Inc. has been selected as a partner for Stay in Business ( a Division of FatPipe).  This agreement enables IPI to offer SIB's cloud based Disaster Recovery Appication which assures 24x7 access to any authorized user.