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Integrated Platforms, Inc. has access to solutions from many of the house-hold names in storage, IT security, backup and restore technologies. However, innovation is often driven new companies and not these mainline vendors. Therefore, IPI is focused on building direct vender relationships with new companies whose unique and innovative products offer features and pricing that separate them from others in their marketplace. 


While they may be “new” to you, our vendor partners offer cutting edge products which have received industry acclaim and awards. What they all have in common is that they are not common. They are not commodity products that you can find anywhere, instead they are limited to a select Integrators whom they feel offer unique values to their clients. IPI is one of the select few. 


Our direct experience in installing and supporting this set of products sets us apart from many other IT solution providers. We call these products our Flagship Partners. These products and their technologies include:  


  • APARAVI - Cross platorm data management and governance to provide a single view of your data from the desktop to the Cloud. 
  • Cloudian -  High speed, highly expandable, object based storage for unstructred data.  
  • FatPipe Networks - SD WAN Network Bandwidth Consolidation and Redundancy.
  • Lenovo –  Servers, Desktops, Workstations, Ultrabooks and Tablets.
  • Overland Storage - Tape Libraries, Disk Libraries, Data De-Duplication and Storage Solutions.
  • PC Matic Pro - Endpoint protection software tools for secutiy and performance. 
  • Stay in Business -  Create and manage a cloud -based Disaster Recovery Plan.
  • StorageCraft -  Converged Object-based Storage, Image-based Backups and Rapid Server Restoration.
  • TeamViwer - Centralized viewing and management of remote user systems.  
  • Thycotic - Password management tools to secure business critical assets.
  • TrendMicro - Endpoint Protection and Next Generation EDR solutions.
  • WatchGuard - MFA and DNS protection
  • WatchGuard -Next Gen Firewalls, UTM and Wireless Networks.
  • Numerous "one-off" relationships for UCaaS, Storage and SIEM.

Deployment and support services are a key part of each project that we undertake. 


Our engineers are vendor trained and certified to assure that we know our vendor partner’s products thoroughly and can deliver a configuration optimized to fit into your Information Technology enterprise and maximize its value. We follow up with continued training to assure that we are prepared to help you take full advantage of new features when they are introduced. Our holistic approach ensures that our solutions “fit” into your Information Technology enterprise and contribute to its overall effectiveness.

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We would be happy to provide you with more details about our services. and how they can help you reduce IT costs and improve IT service delivery.  Please contact us at 713 927-7161 or complete our Contact Form.


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<New> TrendMicro - Integrated Platforms has been selected to represent TrendMicro's family of Endpoint Protection  and Endpoint Detect and Respond family of products.  TrendMicro's EDR products automate the detection and remediation of cyber threats to accelerate your enterprise's cyber health. They also offer 24x7 remote monitoring of your enterprise to help your SOC team respond quickly to complex threats.



<New> Thycotic - Integrated Platforms has been selected to sell Thycotic's Secret Server for Privileged Account Management, Endpoint Least Privileged Manager for end-point protection and Password Reset Server for self-service password management. Thycotic's products protect you from malware at the end-point and secures critical business sytems and data from unauthorized access by cyber threats if they get past your firewall and other perimeter security defenses.   


<New> PC Matic - Integrated Platforms has been selected as a partner for PC Matic, maker of PC Matic Pro end-point protection. PC Matic's whitelisting technology has enabled it endpoint products to win the highest protecton rating in indepedent, competitive testing two years in a row.  PC Matic Pro's Endpoint Suite delivers the highest rated protection, automated patch management, automated driver management, optimized performance and centralized mangement for an attractive price.  


FatPipe - Integrated Platforms has been selected to be a FatPipe Networks partner. IPI is licensed to sell its unique cluster routing technology to assure that connectivity to mission critical assets - web servers, email, e-commerce, Citrix servers - by customers and emloyees will not be interrupted by failed ISP services, components or traffic congestions at peak hours.  


Stay in Business - Integrated Platforms, Inc. has been selected as a partner for Stay in Business ( a Division of FatPipe).  This agreement enables IPI to offer SIB's cloud based Disaster Recovery Appication which assures 24x7 access to any authorized user.