TrendMicro offers a full range of Endpoint Protection and Endpoint Detect and Response  solutions to protect your endpoints and connecting resources,  In an evolving technological landscape, you need security taht goes beyond traditional antivirus.

Get actionble insights, expanded investigative capabilities and centralized visibility using an advanced EDR 



TrendMicro APEX One offers threat protection, response  and investigation within a single agent,  Apex One offers threat detection, response, and investigation within a single agent. Eliminate multiple vendors and consoles and gain deployment flexibility through both SaaS and on-premises deployment options.

Trend Micro Apex One™ protection offers advanced automated threat detection and response against an ever-growing variety of threats, including fileless and ransomware. Our cross-generational blend of modern techniques provides highly tuned endpoint protection that maximizes performance and effectiveness. 


TrendMicro XDR: EDR Protection

XDR is TrendMicro's top EDR product.  Get actionable insights, expanded investigative cpabilities and centralized visibility by using an advanced EDR toolset, strong SIEM integration and an open API set.  You have the option to perform correlated, cross-layered threat investigations that go beyond just the endpoint and augment your security teams with a managed detection and response service.

XDR goes beyond a single vector, connecting deep activity across multiple vectors -email, email, endpoints, servers, cloud workloads, and networks - enabling a level of detection and investigation that it sdifficult or impossible to achieve with SEM or individual point soltions.  This activity collection provides a broader perspective and a better context to hunt, detect, and contain threats.  Powerful security analytics correlate data across your digital environment  and TrendMicro's global thret intelligence to deliver fewer, higher-confidence alerts, leading to better, earlier dectection.  Events that seem benign on their own suddenly become meaningful indicators of compromise and tou cn quickly contain their impact, minimizing their severity and scope. 

XDR provides a SIEM connector to forward alerts.  By clicking on a SIEM alert, an analyst can access the EDR vestigation workbench to get further visiility, conduct deeper analysis an dtake necessary actions.  

  • Trend Micro XDR Datasheet
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<New> TrendMicro - Integrated Platforms has been selected to represent TrendMicro's family of Endpoint Protection  and Endpoint Detect and Respond family of products.  TrendMicro's EDR products automate the detection and remediation of cyber threats to accelerate your enterprise's cyber health. They also offer 24x7 remote monitoring of your enterprise to help your SOC team respond quickly to complex threats.



<New> Thycotic - Integrated Platforms has been selected to sell Thycotic's Secret Server for Privileged Account Management, Endpoint Least Privileged Manager for end-point protection and Password Reset Server for self-service password management. Thycotic's products protect you from malware at the end-point and secures critical business sytems and data from unauthorized access by cyber threats if they get past your firewall and other perimeter security defenses.   


<New> PC Matic - Integrated Platforms has been selected as a partner for PC Matic, maker of PC Matic Pro end-point protection. PC Matic's whitelisting technology has enabled it endpoint products to win the highest protecton rating in indepedent, competitive testing two years in a row.  PC Matic Pro's Endpoint Suite delivers the highest rated protection, automated patch management, automated driver management, optimized performance and centralized mangement for an attractive price.  


FatPipe - Integrated Platforms has been selected to be a FatPipe Networks partner. IPI is licensed to sell its unique cluster routing technology to assure that connectivity to mission critical assets - web servers, email, e-commerce, Citrix servers - by customers and emloyees will not be interrupted by failed ISP services, components or traffic congestions at peak hours.  


Stay in Business - Integrated Platforms, Inc. has been selected as a partner for Stay in Business ( a Division of FatPipe).  This agreement enables IPI to offer SIB's cloud based Disaster Recovery Appication which assures 24x7 access to any authorized user.