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PC Matic PRO is not just another endpoint security software.  Unlike all other endpoint security products that just treat the symptms of malware and unauthorized access, PC Matic PRO is the cure.  PC Matic PRO is the revolution in endpoint security - to make your endpoints and network secure again and protect you from future threats. PC Matic Pro uses its Cyber Security industry award winning Whitelist technology along with a Blacklist. to secure customer endpoints.  

This Whitelist assures that only ‘trusted’ applications run on the endpoint with a Closed Loop Security approach.  If an executable is not on the Whitelist, PC Matic PRO Security blocks it, and uploads the sample for immediate analysis.  This Whitelist Provides advanced Protection against APTs (advanced persistent threats), zero-day attacks, ransomware and polymorphic viruses.  In fact, while the WannaCry ransomware brought companies worldwide to a stanstill, not  a single PC Matic protected endpoint was compromised.

It also includes built-in Remote Control and Authentication features to simplify deployment, visibility and management.



The PC Matic PRO Endpoint Suite is a comprehensive IT security platform that effectively secures business users and data while making systems more reliable and productive.  It raises the bar .on Centralized IT Security and Endpoint Management.  It builds on the featur sof the basic PC Matic Security Product with its Remote Control and Authentication features, and adds several other modules that ensure endpoint security, optimize performance and simplify deployment and management:. Patch Management, Driver Management and Performance Optimization.


By implementing the proposed Integrated Platforms, Inc./PC Matic PRO solutions, you company can enhance its business services, reduce complexity and assure the security of its business systems through:

  • Superior Endpoint Security to protect against advanced persistent threats.
  • Remote Deployment and Administration.    
  • A Cloud Based Console for anytime, anywhere administration.
  • Automated Patch Management to assure application and system security.
  • Automated Driver Management to assure product compatibility with newer systems.  
  • Multiplatform Functionality to provide one solution for Windows and iOS.
  • Performance Optimization to assure end-user productivity.     


Want to learn more, visit the PC Matic webpage,call us at 713-927-7161 or email us at sales@ipi-site.com.

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Latest News:1Q2021


Integrated Platforms now represents Cytracom, whose cloud-hosted, VOIP Unified Communications solutions deliver enterprise features to your users wherever they may be for a low monthly per-user fee.


Integrated Platforms, now represents Zayo Group, a global communications provider that delivers fiber, Direct Internet Access, dedicated connections, DDOS and other connectivity solutions.


Integrated Platforms now represents Viper and cybersecurity company whose Security Awareness Training, Endpoint Protection, Managed Endpoint XDR and Email Phishing Protection solutions provide business with comprehensive  cybersecurity solutions.


Integrated Platforms has been selected to represent TrendMicro's family of Endpoint Protection  and Endpoint Detect and Respond family of products.  TrendMicro's EDR products automate the detection and remediation of cyber threats to accelerate your enterprise's cyber health. They also offer 24x7 remote monitoring of your enterprise to help your SOC team respond quickly to complex threats.


Integrated Platforms has partnered with Zadara to provide on-demand compute and storage resources through a consumption based pricing model.  Zadara enabls you to select the type of resources you need (file, block and object) and only pay for how much you need and how long you use it. 


Integrated Platforms has partnered with KnowBe4, an industry leader in Security Awareness Training.  Its program measyures current employee security awareness,automates training, tests adoption of best practices and provides visibility on employee behavior.