Privileged Access Management:

62%  of customer breaches come from privileged account abuse.  How do you protect your systems and data?  With solutions from Thycotic - that's how!

From the endpoint to critical systems, Thycotic products provide management and control of passwords across your enterprise to block cyber-access to your systems. Using its password management products you can address three major areas of vulnerability:

Password Management Tools:

Thycotic Secret Server  

Discover, manage, protect, and audit privileged account access across your organization.  As cyber threats continue to increase in volume and sophistication, effective and agile, Privileged Account Management (PAM) has become mission-critical for organizations of every size. Now you can adopt an aggressive privileged account security posture with Secret Server, our enterprise-grade PAM solution available both on premise and in the cloud. Empower your security and IT ops teams to secure and manage all types of privileged accounts quickly and easily.  Learn more,>


Thycotic Privilege Manager  

86% of breaches involve compromised endpoints. They are the most common entry point for threats and your largest attack surface. Companies spend billions on cyber security, yet hackers and disgruntled employees continue breaching systems. Thycotic’s Privilege Manager empowers you to implement a least privilege security posture and implement application control on endpoints, minimizing risks caused by cyberattacks - without disrupting end-users.  The executables for unapproved applications, including ransomware and other malware are blocked from operating because they are not listed as approved application son your managed endpoints. Learn more>


Thycotic Account LifeCycle Manager – Service Account Governance  

Service accounts abound in every organization and failure to manage them leads to significant risk.

These specialized non-human accounts are used by applications or other services to access data

and network resources for specific tasks. Because of their “set it and forget it” operation and

limited human interaction, service accounts often fly under IT’s radar and rarely get inventoried

and controlled. This lack of governance makes service accounts the ideal target for cyber criminals.

Thycotic’s Account Lifecycle Manager enables service account governance by automating the lifecycle

of service accounts, from workflow-based provisioning to account decommissioning.  Learn more,>


Thycotic DevOps Secrets Management  

Rapid, iterative DevOps workflows often expose many security vulnerabilities directly tied to privilege management.  Every container, server, and application can have privileged access, dramatically expanding the attack surface for intruders looking for an entry point, and the growth of robotic process automation (RPA) further expands those entry points. It’s difficult to balance high-speed, dynamic DevOps practices and RPA deployments with necessary security policies. Thycotic’s DevOps Secrets Vault automates secrets management to provide DevOps teams the speed and agility needed to stay productive without sacrificing security.  Learn more,>



Thycotic Cloud Application Access Management Tools:

With the sudden growth of remote workforces across the globe, privileged access security controls must also account for ordinary business users, like those in finance and marketing, who are accessing sensitive and privileged corporate data from untrusted devices on untrusted networks.  With the addition of Onion ID, Thycotic clients are now able to implement fine-tuned Role Based Access Controls across any web-based application, IaaS console, and cloud-hosted database, while providing flexible multi-factor authentication that gives security leaders a significantly easier way to ensure secure access paths for remote employees.


Protecting Enterprise Cloud Assets

With 80 percent of IT budgets already committed to cloud solutions, Gartner warns that the move to the cloud does complicate PAM challenges. For most organizations this then makes PAM unmanageable without automated processes and specialized tools.  Cloud Management consoles, like those on Azure, AWS, and GCP, pose significant security risks to every company. Over-privileges are a common fact and most organizations lack granular visibility into whether privileged users have unnecessary entitlements and provisions.


Now, the recent wave of remote workers has accelerated enterprise adoption of cloud apps and platforms, causing more corporate resources to be exposed to the public internet.  These conditions have created a heightened risk environment for any infosec team. Implementing least privilege for remote BYOD workers who need privileged access to hundreds of SaaS applications is a huge challenge.


IT and Security teams struggle to secure their networks as traditional Privileged Access Management (PAM) evolves to cover both standard and privileged users who now require access controls for potentially sensitive applications and systems. It is no longer enough to control only privileged access, all access must be controlled and managed in a zero-trust world. Thycotic Cloud Access Controller, Thycotic Remote Access Controller, and Thycotic Database Access Controller allow organizations to expand their control to a more granular level. These solutions extend IT teams’ abilities to address emerging PAM challenges by protecting access to SaaS applications, cloud infrastructure, and ensuring remote workers stay productive and secure.

Thycotic Cloud Access Controller:

Thycotic Cloud Access Controller ensures that administrators accessing IaaS platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and SaaS applications like Salesforce and Twitter maintain appropriate Role Based Access Controls (RBAC) which dictate what each user can click, read, or modify within any web application.  Administrators also have a centralized dashboard which displays what applications have been accessed, access removal, audit report production and more, for tighter security and streamlined compliance.


Gain granular control over web applications and web-based cloud management applications.


  • Secure Cloud Access –Ensure every IaaS and SaaS user has the necessary privileges required for their role.
  • Granular Role Based Access Control – Precisely define what each user can click, read, or modify within any web application.
  • Manage Shared Accounts – Easily enforce separation of roles and duties on standard and shared accounts.
  • Record Web Sessions – View video session recording of the employee performing sensitive actions.
  • Intelligent Blocking – Detect unusual behavior and block any unauthorized access.  - <Learn More>


Thycotic Remote Access Controller:

The explosion of remote workforces have led enterprises to adopt a Zero Trust security approach for remote employees and third parties who need access to corporate resources. The principle of least privilege should guide all remote access channels, ensuring that third parties have access to only those resources required to do their jobs. Security teams must control who can access what and when, in order to protect corporate resources and comply with regulatory mandates.


Thycotic Remote Access Controller solves this by simplifying and automating the management of remote workers accessing the IT resources. The Controller uses multi-factor authentication (MFA) and session recording, without requiring any software or browser extensions, to provide an advanced level of security granularity to enforce corporate security and compliance policies. With its API suite that can be integrated into automated workflows and ticketing systems, Remote Access Controller streamlines access grants for contractors within a centralized web portal.


Enforce Zero Trust for Remote Worker and Third party /vendor access.

  • Secure Remote Access– Set granular permissions, users, and structure to map to your organization.
  • Grant 3rd Party Permissions – Allow vendors and contractors to access the IT resources they need.
  • Connect Through Browser – Deploy without opening RDP, SSH ports to the public Internet
  • Authenticate (MFA) – Admins can grant remote workers secure, multi-factor enabled access.
  • Audit – Report on activity in a central portal to ensure workers comply with company policies. <Learn More>  


Thycotic Database Access Controller :

The increased adoption of cloud-hosted databases have further complicated privileged access and compliance requirements for security teams. Databases containing sensitive employee and customer PII are an increasing area of focus for auditors and are prime targets for hackers.


Thycotic Database Access Controller enables enterprises to adopt modern cloud databases from AWS (RDS), Google, Azure, Oracle, Redis, and others, while still enforcing appropriate access levels, MFA, and complete reporting and auditing workflows. Now customers can record entire database access sessions, provide just-in-time access, report and log actions, generate alerts and cut off connections in an automated manner. Database access management is no longer manually intensive or complicated.


Control web access to databases.  

  • Secure Databases–Protect your most sensitive information by controlling web access to databases.
  • Manage Privileged Users –Enforce appropriate access levels and provide time-based access.
  • Verify Identity – See who is accessing databases and govern their access.
  • Authenticate (MFA) –Manage authorization and auditing for the entire session and layer on MFA.
  • Audit – Record database access sessions, report and log actions, generate alerts.<Learn More>



Additional information on Thycotic solutions and free security analysis tools is available at the Thycotic Information Page.  We would be happy to provide you with more details about Thycotic solutions and how they can benfit your company.  Just call us at 713-927-7161 or use our Contact Form.

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