WatchGuard MFA and DNS Endpoint Protection 



WatchGuard Authpoint - Multi-Factor Authentication


Authpoint's unique multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution not only helps to reduce the likelihood of network disruptions and data breaches arising from lost or stolen credentials, but we deliver this important capability entirely from the Cloud for easy set-up and management. AuthPoint goes beyond traditional 2-factor authentication (2FA) by considering innovative ways to positively identify users, and our large ecosystem of 3rd party integrations means that you can use MFA to protect access to the network, VPNs, and Cloud applications. Even non-technical users find the AuthPoint mobile app easy and convenient to use!  


WatchGuard's Authpoint service is the right solution  at the right time to provideeffective authentication on an easy to use Cloud platform.  MFA provides the strongest approach to user identification - requiring users to supply information they know  on something that they have , to positively identify a specific person.  With a simple push notification, the Authpoint mobile app makes each login attempt visible, allowing the user to accept or block access right from their smartphone. <Learn More> 


In addiiton, a built-in SSO feature is integrated with 100s of third party applicatiosn to simplify access while also resticting access to only those applications to which they are entitled.   


Authpoint may be purchased as a standalone product or as part of WatchGuard's Passport Suite.  Both optins ar eattractively priced at  alow per user/per month fee and invoiced on an annual basis. 


Wnat to learn more?  Visit WatchGuard's Authpoint webpage, or contact IPI at 713-927-7161 oe wmail us at   


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DNSWatchGo - DNS Level Protection for Users on the Go


Whether working from home office, coffee shop, or conference hotel room, the modern employee relsihes th eopprotunity to be productive where they feel most comfortable.  With the threat of COVID-19, the tradiitonal officespace  has been replaced with the employee's preferred remote access location.  


As a result, more and more of your business is being conducte doutside of youor network's traditional security perimeter. and beyond the reach of traditional security tools.   WatchGuard's DNSWatchGo provides DNS-level protection and content filtering that keeps your business safe from phishing, ransomware and other attacks even when your end-user is outside of the network - without requiring a VPN. <LearnMore> 


DNSWatchGo  is a 100% Cloud-based solution making it easy to deploy and manage while saving you time and money.  There's no hardware to manage or software to be updated. 

Services are deployed to devices in minutes, quickly providing visibility Into Internet activity wherever your user goes. Centrally manage DNSWatchGO policies for all of your users. 


DNSWatchGo is available as a stand alone product or as part of WatchGuard's Passport Suite.  Both options are attractively priced for a low per user/per month fee and invoiced on an annual basis. 



WatchGuard Passport - On the Go Protection

Businesses need to be able to extend their security services to users and devices wherever they may be.  WatchGuard's Passport Suite combines Authpooint MFA, DNSWatchGo DNS protection and Endpoint Protection into a single licnesed product that is attractivley priced on a per user/per month fee and invoiced on ana annual basis.

Businesses need to be able to extend the security capabilities to users and devices, no matter where they may be. Employees,
contractors, visitors, and their devices regularly enter and leave your network as they perform their duties on- and off-premises. At the
same time, a single infected endpoint or stolen password could open the floodgates for an attacker. WatchGuard’s Passport is a bundle of
user-focused security services that travels with your users.
epoint or stolen password could open the floodgates for an attacker. WatchGuard’s Passport is a bundle of
user-focused security services that travels with your users



Want to learn more about Authpoint or DNSWatchGo?  Simply visit the WatchGuard website, call us at 713-927-7161 or email us at  


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<New> TrendMicro - Integrated Platforms has been selected to represent TrendMicro's family of Endpoint Protection  and Endpoint Detect and Respond family of products.  TrendMicro's EDR products automate the detection and remediation of cyber threats to accelerate your enterprise's cyber health. They also offer 24x7 remote monitoring of your enterprise to help your SOC team respond quickly to complex threats.



<New> Thycotic - Integrated Platforms has been selected to sell Thycotic's Secret Server for Privileged Account Management, Endpoint Least Privileged Manager for end-point protection and Password Reset Server for self-service password management. Thycotic's products protect you from malware at the end-point and secures critical business sytems and data from unauthorized access by cyber threats if they get past your firewall and other perimeter security defenses.   


<New> PC Matic - Integrated Platforms has been selected as a partner for PC Matic, maker of PC Matic Pro end-point protection. PC Matic's whitelisting technology has enabled it endpoint products to win the highest protecton rating in indepedent, competitive testing two years in a row.  PC Matic Pro's Endpoint Suite delivers the highest rated protection, automated patch management, automated driver management, optimized performance and centralized mangement for an attractive price.  


FatPipe - Integrated Platforms has been selected to be a FatPipe Networks partner. IPI is licensed to sell its unique cluster routing technology to assure that connectivity to mission critical assets - web servers, email, e-commerce, Citrix servers - by customers and emloyees will not be interrupted by failed ISP services, components or traffic congestions at peak hours.  


Stay in Business - Integrated Platforms, Inc. has been selected as a partner for Stay in Business ( a Division of FatPipe).  This agreement enables IPI to offer SIB's cloud based Disaster Recovery Appication which assures 24x7 access to any authorized user.